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Working Voices are global Professional Skills Experts. Over the last 22 years, through recommendation and referral, Working Voices has acquired and retained a highly impressive collection of prestigious and demanding blue chip clients, some of whom have been with us for 20 years. The business has cemented its global reputation as a leading Professional Skills Consultancy and recruited and developed some of the best coaches in the world. It is these coaches who present all of Working Voices digital content in  Learnflix for Business.

It has never been more important to lead effectively and to communicate with confidence and impact. Learnflix can help your organisation to achieve this because our tried and tested content is now easily accessible within Degreed via these: 

Within the Degreed public learning index you’ll find featured content from Working Voices experts on our Insights page: a constantly updated collection of short, bite-sized articles, videos, courses, tips, and techniques on improving communication skills in and out of the workplace. 

Articles & Learnflix Integration

It is also possible to integrate our paid platform Learnflix for Business which contains our catalogue of 8 Professional Skills Themes (see above), 49 eLearning Courses and 1051 Videos for our enterprise customers to access through their Degreed environments. The entire Learnflix Library is now directly searchable within Degreed through an API integration. Every course comes with Course Notes and Learning Assessments. For more information on increasing your team’s skills by enabling access to these courses in your Degreed environment, click "Lets Go" below and watch the video and browse the content. You can even experience the beautiful user experience for yourself by starting a free trial.  Then and when you are ready to give access to your employees just get in touch at integration@workingvoices.com and we'll help you link your Learnflix account into Degreed.

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Degreed — the skills tracking and development platform — seamlessly connects all the resources your people use to learn, including LMSs and millions of courses, videos, articles, books, podcasts and experts from thousands of sources. Then, we use data science to generate feedback and insights so you can connect their skills to the next growth opportunity. Degreed provides a way to develop and measure your team’s skills, so your business can always stay ready for the future.

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